Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Signs Of Autumn

We took a break from our regular routine on Wednesday, to go on a field trip with one of our Home school groups, and then to do some exploring all on our own. We spent the morning talking about the signs of Autumn. How do you know it is fall, what do you notice. Then we took our camera & went & took pictures of some of those signs:
Picking Pumpkins  & Apples 

The Changing Colors of the Leaves 

Frost  in the morning 

Mom' has to now scrap her windshield.

They also thought of other things that we didn't catch on camera, like Hunting Season,  geese flying south, the grass is changing colors, people harvest their crops  ect.

Then we met up with our friends to check out the pumpkin patch. 

Everyone was going to wear their costumes, but I made my boys 1st let me take one nice one, then they could can change. This was the best I could do, they were too impatient to do any more. So off they went to change into the Halloween clothes & then to : 

To go through the straw maze. This one was a lot better than last year, they made it bigger & taller so that boys like Cowboy couldn't see over the whole thing. just parts. 

Then loaded into a wagon, pulled by Cowboy to find our perfect baby  pumpkins. 

Cowboy checking his out. 

Little Dude  making sure his will do. 

The monkey happy with his choice. 

Fields of Pumpkins. So cool & gorgeous. 

               Next we loaded up on the train for a little ride around the pumpkin patch.

My Little Dude is so happy to be riding. I love the expression on his face. 

After the ride it was one more quick trip through the straw maze & we were done. 
Of course it wouldn't be quite  fall if you didn't get a nice glazed 
donut after the excursion. It was quite a fun morning. 

Once we got home we started to finish our worksheet about the Signs of Autumn. 

Which we will add into our book later, they didn't get them all the way done before I snapped the picture. I wanted to get one while I remembered.   It was a pleasant day & it was nice to take the time to get out a bit, because I know the snow will fly one day soon.  . . . until then we will be out enjoying the great outdoors as much as we can. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book-It Program

Today these arrived in the mail:

Our Book-It Program.  For those of you that don't know, we are homeschooling this year.  I will be more posting more about that later. But I am just so excited this showed up in the mail today. I remember doing it growing up & my oldest participated in Kindergarten last year. So when my sister told me they do it for Home school famalies too, I immediately signed up the Cowboy & Monkey. (My little dude isn't old enough yet.)   For those of you that don't know what Book-It is, it is a reading program in sponsorship with Pizza Hut for K-6. If your child reaches a certain reading goal every month, they receive a certificate for their own Free Personal Pan Pizza. It last for 6 months. It wonderful & helps give that extra reading motivation goal. It is a fantastic program & my kids love it. Cowboy who would listen to me read all day, but fights me when he has to read on his own is already excited to start earning his by reading on his own! Yeah!  I love getting mail that makes me happy. Have a fantastic day & if you get a chance check out this program.!