Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A little Everything.

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I don't mean to . . . it is just one day goes by so quickly & then another. I can't ever decide what to blog about or what you would want to hear. So I don't get it done, well that & my weekly to do list seems every growing & nothing seems to be getting done. It doesn't help that I keep adding to it. Here is a little glimpse of what we have been up to. 

I started crochet a baby blanket for the little boy that will arrive in 9 weeks. 

A snapshot of the quilt I am trying to get done for the Costleys . Who actually had her baby last week, so I better get moving. 

My little brother came to town & took us out to lunch & the museum. It was so fun & educational. 

My boys dressed up, at the museum. 

As part of homeschooling & life, we are incubating eggs. We have never tried it before, but I am hoping in 21 days we have baby chicks. I will let you know how it goes.

As for my Menu this week, here we go.
 B- Breakfast  & S- Supper

Monday:  Hawaiian Haystacks
Tuseday: B- Waffles          S -  Quick Chicken Al la King
Wednesday: B- Cream of Wheat     S -Slow Cooked Pork
Thursday:  B- Muffins & Fruit         S- Navajo Tacos
Friday:  B- Bagels & Crm Cheese    S- Crackpot Lasagna 
Saturday: B- Sticky Rolls                  S- Grouse Creek Chicken
Sunday:  B- Cream egg on Toast       S- Roasted Chicken 

Baking: Bread, Bagels & Cookies.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Albert Einstein

I am trying to attack a lot this morning, . . . so Menu Monday will be coming much later today. So until then, I saw this picture & decided I would share.  I  am hanging it up for the next month with my home school stuff  (or maybe on my fridge) to help remind me, how brilliant everyone is, in school & in life.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Inspiration: Power of Passion

 I saw this link off of one of our friends website & for some reason I clicked. Normally I don't click on links, but I was curious what is was all about. I fell in love with the story. I am not sure if it was because years ago, when I was studying Horticulture in college,  I did an internship in Nauvoo, Illinois.  During my 4 month stay there, I had several old men teach all of us "flower girls" as they called us to play the harmonica.  It took us a while, but by the end of the summer we could play an hymn or 2. I kept playing once I got back, but have since stopped.  That was years ago.  In fact, I don't even own a harmonica anymore, but now I kind of want to go buy one. It started a spark again. I might have to track one down, buy it, & dig out all my old harmonica books. (Well all 2 of them). 

      The other thing I love is he would told he would die, so he decided to quit spending money on  medicine that was supposed to make him "live" longer & use the money to do what he really loved & was passionate about.  Something he always wanted to do.   He followed his passion & 11 years later (without all the monthly medications), he is still going strong. He is living his passion & much longer than anyone else imagined he would. I think that is awesome. So I couldn't help but share.  

Thanks Miss Tracy for the inspiration today & the power of doing what you love. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

An update . . .

I can't seem to get much blogging in lately. Or so it seems. So here is a little update on life . . . and a glimpse at some of our finished projects.
  I am 
  •     still very pregnant & sick. But still won't take zofran due to the fact that they  can't guarantee it won't hurt this baby & after several miscarriages, it just doesn't seem worth the risk. No matter how small. 
  •    busy with home school & life.
  •    been going on almost 2 months with only one car, & I amazed at how much more I get done & I really don't miss it, most days.
  •    loving this mild winter. We spend hours outside & it is so gorgeous. It makes me want to get my garden planted. But I know it is still way to early to start planting.
  • started trying green smoothies. I have only had a couple, but so far they don't seem to bad.
  • started walking again. It has been a while & I am quite slow. but it feels so good.
  • am crocheting still. I am working on those cute slippers & the city girl cap for me. Now if I can only stay focused & get one done.
  • been really drawn into Project Life. or at least the concept. I have debated whether or not I should buy the kit & try it. But then I have to print pictures & I don't know I wasn't convinced.  I  don't want to buy more stuff when I am really trying to get rid of a lot of our "stuff" we have. I do have a lot of scrap booking supplies as it is & digital ones as well.  So I decided I could just use what I already have & create my own digital version. I am slow, but I am working on it & hope to get last month completed soon. Then at the end of the year, I will have them all put into a hard bound book. I am quite excited about it.
  • have a house that really needs me to get off the computer & work on it. : ) Does anyone else house seem to "blow up" Sunday night? Ours does.
  • have been getting projects finished & am so excited about how some of them turned out. Here is just a glimpse.
 A science experiment me & the boys tried. More on this later.
 My quick sew crochet needle holder.
 It was going to be a tutorial, but I don't like the end result.  So I am tweaking it & making a new one 1st, & then I will post the tutorial.

 (Above) Pictures taken of my new niece, Chelsey.

(Right) We tried our hand at Homemade bouncy balls, that I found off pinterest. We were more disappointed with the result than happy. Oh well, that is why they are science experiments.

We decided one afternoon to try our hand at making homemade stuffed animals. My cowboy requested a penguin. So we drew out a pattern & 
this was the end result.
 He isn't perfect, but still kind of cute.

My little dude & the monkey decided they wanted turtles. We got the pattern from here on Make it & Love it.
The little dude is the one on the left, & the Monkey's is the brown & green one. The boys think we need to make 
one more for the baby.

The finished pajamas that I made for Robyn a few weeks ago. She sent me a picture with her kid & the dolls in the pajamas. So cute!

 I also finished painting my sewing table & sewing my pajamas. But I don't have pictures of those yet.  So that is a little update on our lives. Now, off to tackle the house. Happy Monday.

Menu Monday & This Weeks To-Do

Menu Monday:

Well here is Menu Monday & this weeks to do list.  Sorry for the absence last week, life got crazy & I must say I struggled daily to figure out what to make for dinner without my little extra planning. So even though right now, nothing sounds good, here is my menu Monday:

This Week MENU

Monday -  Mexican Chicken Casserole 
Tuesday -  Marinated Steak & Baked Potato 
Wednesday - Chicken Parmesan from CHOW
Thursday -- Hamburger, Potato Carrot, Rice Casserole
Friday -- Sweet & Spicy Pork Salad, with Cilantro Ranch Dressing
Saturday --  Beef Noodles
Sunday -- Roast & Potatoes

Breakfast Ideas:  Scrambled Eggs, Fruit & Muffins, Biscuits & Gravy, Hot Cereal, Creamed Egg on Toast,  German Pancakes  & Waffles

Baking: Bread & Butterscotch oatmeal cookies. Maybe some Bran Muffins, if I can pick up a box of Cracklin Oat Bran from the store. 

Linking up to Menu Plan it Monday on Organizing Junkie as well. 

As for my To-Do List this week. I got most everything done from the previous 2 weeks list, just a few finishing details to be worked out. Somethings will be set aside this week, while I start new projects, others will be worked on.

This Week's To-DO

  • Get Valentines, made & ready for next week party!
  • Make Valentines holders for all my boys.
  • Actually blog.
  • Finish editing some pictures.
  • Cut out & start piecing Costley Baby quilt. (I would like to have to top pieced by Valentines day so I can take it with me to quilt club.)
  •  Finishing going through my kids clothes & get rid of more. (Passed  on 2 garbage bags full of boys clothes last week & need to get 1- 2 more
  • Visit to the temple
  • Continue/Finish my version of Project life for January
  • Remember this pattern for Crochet slippers, well I &I have started making it, but it is going to require a lot longer to finish. So I am just going to continue working on these this week.

  • Womens House Slipper Crochet Pattern for Violet adult house slipper

  • Get vintage table out of Laundry room  & set up in storage room, so I can get back to work on refinishing it.