Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In 24 hours

In 24 hours
- I will be in a hospital
- I will be able to sleep on my stomach again
- I will have my last day of morning sickness
- I will be having my stomach cut open, while my husband watches assuring me everything is fine.,
- In 24 hours I will be hearing the sounds of a newborn cry.

It is a day of mixed emotions for me. With the thoughts above & others going through my head.

I am excited - I can't wait to not be pregnant & meet this little guy.

I am nervous - it's been a few years since we have added any changes to our family. How is it going to effect me, my hubby, & my adorable 3 boys I already have.

I am scared - I hate surgery & hospitals, I know this is a good thing, but I still get scared.

I am grateful - for those who are tending my kids while at the hospital & those helping me once I get out, for my friend that came last night to give me a haircut & manicure so I could go into the hospital feeling kind of cute.,

I still have lots to do - laundry, cleaning, chores, packing bags, making bread & food to put in the freezer, errands to run, more laundry. All the things I can think of, so our house runs smoothly while I am gone & once again when I am home.

The next 24 hours are going to go by quickly & slowly all at the same time. And so today I am trying to just enjoy it,

In 24 hours I will be holding our new baby & my life will never be the same again.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Fisher Price

Dear Fisher Price Toys

So I just brought in a baby bouncer/vibrating chair (whatever you call it). I bought it 7 1/2 years ago with my first child. He spent hours in there. He had colic & some days it was the only way to keep him happy, unless I was holding him. It was my lifesaver. Same goes for my 2nd & 3rd children. Hours & several hundred of batteries later it got put in storage, because my baby was now too big to use it.
Next we moved multiple times, & it got put through & left out in every weather condition imaginable. Snow, rain, sun, sleet.
Four years later I pulled it out to see how it looks. Rough, a little rough. So I am washing it & cleaning it up when the question that matters is: after all these years & harsh elements does it still work. I put new batteries & it still works. Amazing. I just have say: fisher price toys are worth every penny. Oh how I love fisher price.

This isn't my first experience I have toy little people barns that have been in mud & given showers & still work. Toys that are almost invincible, & trust me my boys have put them through the ringer.
So Thank-you fisher price for letting my $40 dollars spent 7 1/2 years ago stretch a little farther!!
From one happy momma.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hatching . . .

We have an exciting school day planned here: sitting around watching our hatching baby chicks. Days like this I love homeschooling. Nothing makes life science more real than actually watching the real thing. We woke up this morning to chirping in the incubator, & now we have one baby chick out with more starting to break their shells.

Not my picture, I couldn't get mine to take.

Not sure if we will get 1 or 20 chicks, but either way our day is getting more & more exciting by the minute. Enjoy your day & we will update you later.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend plans

What is your weekend plans? We are having a party. My husbands parents are in town from another state, so we are getting all his family in this 40 mile radius together & throwing a party. So I am getting ready for 30 people to invade my hone this afternoon (crossing my fingers for nice weather & they can mostly invade my yard instead.)
Then tomorrow the Easter bunny will come in the night & Easter dinner with my grandma.
It will be a great way to end an awesome week of having my hubby home for this week. Just sad to see him go back to
Work on Monday. Well I have a million things to do, & hoping my pregnancy sickness will end this morning soon. It's hard to get something done if you have to keep running to the bathroom. Oh well. I am getting to work so we can play later today. What are your big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally finished . . .

This post is for my sister Heather, who gave me this kit for this table runner to long ago to say. I just wanted to let her know it may have taken me to get around to making, but. I finally did & it is finished!

Just in time for spring. Thanks again Heather, I still love it

They hatched . . .

Mother nature is amazing. After 21 the momma hen hatched her chicks. She had a total of 10 eggs under her, 2 were not fertilized. So out of 8 good eggs we ended up with 6 adorable baby chicks. Not bad I would say. We are quite excited!

( I tried posting pictures, but my computer crashed, & I can't seem to get my phone to upload them. I will try later though. )