Friday, December 7, 2012


Sorry I have been meaning to blog. But life has kept me busy. The whole crew has taken rotations of being sick. That is always fun. Right now it's my baby & hubby.
We took a road trip to Nevada. I saw wild mustangs. That was awesome.
We are doing scouts, YW, & homeschool & ranching things.
I am trying to get things ready for Christmas. We finally got our tree this week. Yeah
I am hoping to one day clean my house & have it stay clean longer than 10 minutes. But I homeschool & have 4 kids & sick kids.. It probably not happening. At least not today.
Did I mention my baby is 7 months & he is doing all sorts of new things. Things they I don't think he should be able to do yet. Things that add to the craziness of life. Things Like this:

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  1. Hi Tiff!

    Life . . . who knew it would be so wonderful and challenging all at the same time!?

    Can't believe how much that sweet little man has grown! I think he's just trying to keep up with the crew!

    Hope everyone starts to feel better... :0(