Monday, August 19, 2013

How do I Teach??? Day 1

 I am so excited to be joining a some amazing  other ladies as we talk about various things that come up in homeschooling  in our "How Do I Teach. . . ." Series.  

       In every situation in life there are things that come up, especially in the finance department. One of my worries in when we started our homeschooling journey 3 years ago was curriculum. We had finally decided that we were going to start homeschooling, but now I needed to get curriculum. I had researched some fantastic ideas & read books & listened to other peoples advice on what is the best curriculum. There was also a local group that does home school classes & I wanted to sign my kids up. 

Then I started doing the math.  

My heart sank.

I couldn't afford these right now. We were trying to get a new business of the ground, money was a tight.

I sighed. 

I felt like a failure & I hadn't even started yet.  Now what?

That was 3 years ago, and I will admit that this year, will be the 1st year that I will actually spend money on curriculum. So the first thing  I would say to you, is remember you are not the only person who may or may not be spending money on curriculum. The size of your school year budget, will not determine the success of your home school year.

Just relax, & repeat. The size of your budget will not determine the success of your home school year. 

I have since found a lot of free to minimal resources that can go a long way in your upcoming school year. In the next few days, we will discuss different subjects  like Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies, Art, Writing, and some of my all around favorite resources. We will even give you a few ideas of how I have added some dollars to our homeschooling budget without taking anything out of our family budget.

So to get it started, I have some homework for you. Yes, homework. Tonight when your sitting down for a moment, grab a piece of paper, & start making of list. Don't think of all the things you don't have, but start making a list of all the resources you do have.

 For an example, the library, the lady down the road who also home schools her kids, maybe some old textbooks from college ect. 

Make your list & see what you have.

Then join me again tomorrow look at resources for Science & Social Studies.

I can't wait.

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  1. Can't wait to hear all the great resources you have! I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happy to save a few extra bucks!

  2. Cool! We participate in a charter school program that pays a HUGE chunk of what I buy, otherwise, we'd be doing this much less expensively! But the library is absolutely our best resource (and the Internet!) :)