Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lessons learned . . .

It has been just over a year since we have moved back to the area we consider home. This post I wrote a year ago on our private family blog. Reminiscing a little, I thought I would share it here too. It's always good to remember lessons learned.

In case you didn't hear, I couldn't cut it as a pioneer,
So away we will go, back to home.
More details will come, once all my packing is done

But in honor of my move home . . .I thought I would share with you little lessons I have learned from our short 8 months at this Montana home. These are in no particular order:

- You can live without a microwave
- When living without a microwave, dinner is better when you plan ahead.
- Back in the day when people didn't have a microwave, they reheated & melted things on the stovetop or oven. It still works today.
- You don't always need all the ingredients in a recipe, you can skip & it doesn't hurt or kill anyone.
- You can make a lot of things from scratch if you just put in the time.
- Sometimes the thing we love are also the things that drive us crazy.
- We can never tire of seeing wildlife in our backyard or every day.
- I don't build fences.
- No matter what you try, some sheep will always die.
- There is satisfaction that comes from producing livestock.
- There is also a lot of reasons to curse those same livestock.
- Sheep will eat everything in a garden, except potatoes & tomatoes.
- If you live in the middle of nowhere you can hang everything out a the line, no ones is going to be around to see it.
- We can go days without a phone call.
- Some days it's nice when the phone finally rings.
- I miss my family.
- My family will drive for days, if they think I need them, and they do. It means a lot.
- Eating crow is possible, it just tastes bad.
- Eastern Montana is beautiful.
- There is a need for strong members is small branches.
- There are good people everywhere.
- I know who my true friends are.
- I can live with a lot less than I think.
- Somedays the I think the Lord put me out here to learn to handle my biggest fears in life: being alone & snakes. Sad to say . . . I still don't care for either one.
- In some parts of this nation, they still pray everywhere, church, school & community affairs, and no one is offended, they are just glad prayer was said. That is amazing & I wish it was everywhere.
- A clothes line can dry clothes almost as fast as a dryer, unless it rains.
- It rains a lot in eastern Montana.
- Good things can come from flat tires.
- There is something special about having church in a real church house.
- I miss the temple.
- Never say you won't do something, it's just a sure sign one day it going to happen.
- Cell phones are a blessing, there is nothing better than being lost on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere & being able to call someone to get directions.
- Boys are meant to be boys.
- I love watching my boys explore & discover new things on there own.
- There is no better best friend than your own family.
- I learned how to catch a frog.
- You can go months with just powder milk, but no matter how hard you try nothing is as good as the real thing.
- I learned to live on a budget again.
- I learned sometimes the things you think you want, aren't really in the end the things you want.
- Driving two hours to go to stake conference, is worth it.
- I need people,
- You really don't need it all. Going without things can be done, it's just hard.
- Date nights are missed & now oh so special.
- The internet is wonderful.
- I can kill mice with my bare feet.
- I dislike moths . . . out here they are everywhere. Tons of them. It's kind of gross.
- Working together as a family, is still so awesome.
- I need to be more grateful for those little moments.
- Don't get set on your plans, the Lord will change them anyways.
- You really can almost live off your food storage, you just have to be creative.
- Fresh fruit & veggies in this house is like gold, you better grab it soon or the next boy will.
- My husband is more amazing than I thought.

- No matter what My hubby does, he does it with 110% of his effort.
- My husband will do almost anything for me.
- Just when you think the Lord dropped you in the middle of nowhere & forgot about you, something happens to let you know, he didn't.
- The Lord always thinks you can handle more than you do.
- In some parts of this world you can almost go back in time.
- Some things are both a blessing & a curse.
- A 12 hour drive gets shorter with time.
- My boys travel well.
- When taking a short cut or a new road, get all the details first. Experiencing it first, without all the details, sometimes costs you more.
- We have more than we need.
- I actually enjoy swimming.
- There are things you want, things you need & then things you have to have. Sometimes its easy to get them mixed up, but when you really have to, you can see there is a difference.
- My boys still want to grow up to be cowboys, & now even more so.
- This is true cowboy country.
- These women out here are tough.
- I have been to a true cattle branding.
- I have a new appreciation for those pioneer women.
- If you move often enough, you naturally get rid of things. Even in your best efforts, thing will get broken, ruined or rained on.
- An entire field of sunflowers is gorgeous.
- Having a pond in your backyard, can be a lot of fun.
- You don't need a lot to have a lot of fun.
- Out here most of your friends will live 25 miles away, most of them more than that.
- It doesn't take much time, to make a big difference.
- I will miss my friends in Montana, but I am excited to head back home..
- It is still true: That in the end the only thing that matters is the Gospel & Family.

I am sure there are many more, but for time sakes that is all for now. @

-Until later,

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