Saturday, August 27, 2011


My middle child who we will nickname "The Monkey". Due to the fact that this boy can climb pretty much anything. It's amazing. I have all 3 of my boys in gymnastics this fall. They are do excited to learn tricks & climb & do what they do every where else but with a teacher to show them more.

Back to the story.

The monkey has been asking for pigs to raise for years. Literally. Last weekend my husband had a surprise for him.

You guessed it pigs. 2 gilts to be exact. (That is a girl pig who hasn't had babies yet.). They are only weaner pigs. (Babies that have just been weaned.)

So they need to grow up a but, before we can breed them, but the monkey had a whole plan figured out. It goes something like this:

Get girl pigs. Let them have babies. Keep the baby girl pigs, sell the boy pigs. Make money. Let all the girl pigs have more babies. Keep the girl pigs, so they can have more babies. Sell the boy pigs & make more money. Let the girl pigs have more babies . . . You get the idea. Not a bad business plan for a 4 year old.

So everyday the monkey heads out to with our slop bucket. (leftover meal scraps) And feeds pinkie and rainbow. That is what he named them. Anyways he couldn't be happier. The best surprise ever. Got to love those pigs.

The monkey carrying the morning slop.

Finishing his morning chores.

-Until later,

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