Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Week

 This is just a glimpse of our Thanksgiving Week.   For the week or two prior to Thanksgiving in home school we have been learning all about Thanksgiving .Why it was started. Why the pilgrims left England. We discussed the Mayflower, how 50% of those that made it died the 1st winter, we talked of Squanto.   I learned that the famous Pocahontas story happened before the "Pilgrims" came to America. That is how Squanto learned English. He was taken back to England as a slave by John Smith's men & later escaped & came back to America. When he arrived he discovered his entire tribe to have been killed by the plague.  I am impressed with Squanto, because after all that,  he still found it in his heart to help the pilgrims & teach them to plant food & help them survive.  

Anyways along with learning all about pilgrims & the first Thanksgiving we had to do a few Thanksgiving games & crafts. 

My Monkey doing a puzzle. 

The Completed Puzzle 

We made a Garland with things we are thankful for. 

We cut out & reviewed our shapes to create Indians. 

Little Dude's 

My Monkey's Indians 

& Cowboys finished Indians. 

We used to Oreo s & Candy Corns to create little Turkeys.  (Just in case you ever do this, use the double stuff Oreo. The Normal ones were quite big enough.  

We usually do an activity the Monday before Thanksgiving & make treats & notes to take around to those we are thankful for. We missed it this year because a few of my boys were sick. 

Then later in the week,  we packed up & made our journey to my hometown to have Thanksgiving with my family. Sad to say we were there for 4 days & I have hardly any pictures to show for it. To make it worse the ones I do have don't really have any people in them. Oops. I guess we will do better next year. 

Because this year we still met with all of my dad's brothers & sisters & their kids this year we did it at a church. So there was room for everyone. 

My boys with their cousins. 

We ended up taking my two youngest home back to Grandma's house because my Monkey started to run a fever, but everyone else stayed late into the day playing games & visiting. 

We had a great time & my hubby realized that it was the first time my sister & her kids have ever been to Thanksgiving with the family in our entire marriage. Which is almost 9 years, but I think it was even longer than that. So we had a great time & visit. We are so blessed & have so many things to be grateful for! 

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  1. Looked like a fun week. We wondered if you guys were in Idaho or Wyoming. I didn't take one picture of Thanksgiving so you did a lot better than us! Happy Holidays!