Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Fisher Price

Dear Fisher Price Toys

So I just brought in a baby bouncer/vibrating chair (whatever you call it). I bought it 7 1/2 years ago with my first child. He spent hours in there. He had colic & some days it was the only way to keep him happy, unless I was holding him. It was my lifesaver. Same goes for my 2nd & 3rd children. Hours & several hundred of batteries later it got put in storage, because my baby was now too big to use it.
Next we moved multiple times, & it got put through & left out in every weather condition imaginable. Snow, rain, sun, sleet.
Four years later I pulled it out to see how it looks. Rough, a little rough. So I am washing it & cleaning it up when the question that matters is: after all these years & harsh elements does it still work. I put new batteries & it still works. Amazing. I just have say: fisher price toys are worth every penny. Oh how I love fisher price.

This isn't my first experience I have toy little people barns that have been in mud & given showers & still work. Toys that are almost invincible, & trust me my boys have put them through the ringer.
So Thank-you fisher price for letting my $40 dollars spent 7 1/2 years ago stretch a little farther!!
From one happy momma.

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