Monday, October 15, 2012

A Hunter's Widows Prayer

a monster mule deer buckPictured borrowed from Here

  This has been posted, once year every couple of years or so on my family blog.  But every time this season comes around my thoughts all go to the same direction. Except this year, I must say I am quite excited for the meat to fill my empty freezer. But still wish the days would go quick.  I wrote this little poem a few years ago.  So for those who understand oh so well, I thought I couldn't help but once again share.

A Hunter's Widow Prayer

   As I lay be down to sleep
 I pray oh Lord this prayer you'll keep.

That at first morning light,
A monster buck will walk in sight.

That my mighty hunter, may shoot it for dead,

and hunting season may be over before I return to bed.

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  1. Hi Tiff!!

    I sooooo identify with this poem! I can remember many hunting seasons when I had small children, I was home alone, Bob was hunting . . . with his friends, and all I wanted was to have him home again and a freezer full of meat!! We have been hunting a few times this year, with no luck - hope your is better than ours!!