Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Stop . . . Keep Going.

 Years ago we lived in a very rural Montana town. It was an experience unlike any other. There were good days & bad. While living there someone sent me a like to talk by one of the leaders in our church.  

It was an inspiring message with the words "Don't Stop" and "Keep Going." 

  I remember sitting in our small, brown office in front of my computer and bawling as I was listening to these words. I listened to it many times in that small Montana town & many times since moving back closer to what I know as "home."

 "Don't Stop. Keep Going!" are words I think every mother needs to hear. We all have those moments, moments where we don't think what we are doing is actually doing any good.

This month has been a long one for me. And though today is a day for celebration, and celebrate we will. I am inwardly rejoicing this month is over. I have been too many days without my hubby home. He is my rock & without him, I always feel slightly lost. 

I have been tired.

I am been confused.

And I have had those days I have no idea what is tomorrows is going to bring. 

But as mom we all have those days. 

The days were kids are sick or hurt. Crying or whining. Where the sound mom no longer brings happiness to our ears but a slight cringe because your not quite sure how much more can do. You don't know how much more you can give.

The days you feel as if you are trying to climb the impossible mountain, with no end in sight. 

Days you feel like you have been pushed down, & your just not feeling that optimistic. 

You know those days. 

Or maybe you don't.

Mostly likely you do, you just don't want anyone else to know.

And it in those moments, those words I heard so long ago, begin to ring in my ear:

 "Don't stop, Keep going."

It's those words I want to share with every mother, if I could. 

"Don't Stop . . . Keep Going"  You are doing so many wonderful things. 

Because in the end, You realize you can pick yourself back & take a break from the world.

Get a push start or two.

And just keep your head above water.

Because in time things will be easier.

 Days will get better. 

And soon you will find your heart swollen with gratitude at the blessings you are able to call your own. 

How lucky  you are that you are blessed to spend your days inspiring & teaching. 

And though the days may be long, you may be tired on the never ending trail.

Just  " Don't Stop. Keep Going."

Because the view at the top of the long trail is absolutely breathtaking.

So Don't Stop. Keep Going.

 You are closer than you realize, and doing more good than you could ever know.

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