Friday, September 21, 2012

Loading Ewes

        We are working on getting our newly founded professions up & running as well as we would  like it to be too be. We are getting there. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Well last Friday, homes school was a working day & boy did my little boys work. We started by getting them out of bed around 3:30 a.m. & tossing them in the pickup, they slept part of the time, & once we arrived at the corrals they were ready to go. This was my first time trucking any animal, so I was excited for it & had to capture what I could on camera.

The moon was a beautiful sliver moon, but I couldn't get a good picture without a tripod.

All those light spots are the sheep eyes, starting back at me. 

Getting the semi's trailers set up to load. 

Starting to load Sheep 

My good looking hubby. 

  I was a little nervous to see how the boys would be, we did drag them out of a bed at 3:30 in the morning. They were none to happy about it  then & it was a little chilly. Once we arrived at the corrals, we got moving & working.   I was glad to see they were all happy to be there.

A ewe waiting her turn

             I love this picture for so many reasons, it has to be one of my favorite of the whole day. I love the sheep camp in the back, the men working & knowing my boys are in there working hard too, the heads of sheep, the mountain in the background. The morning lights & the dust from the sheep from being moved from pen to pen. I love the bokeh. Really I just love this picture.

                                                         Loaded into the shoots.
If you can't tell that is my oldest. Working & separating the groups of sheep off.

My handsome hubby, keeping sheep back, while they switch the levels on the semil. 

My baby was strapped in a pack for a portion of the morning & once it warmed a little, we laid him down in his car seat & he took a little nap. 

I was lucky enough to have this boy helping me. 

My boy, working hard. Love it. 

Happy faces of hard working boys, after a good morning of loading. I love how the whole family was there together, working together. Plus they still were able to do work on a lot of  learning. We learned about  range management, tending animals & agriculture, we learned about new professions (the trucking business), wildlife identification & some plant identification,  sorting, addition & subtraction, grouping like objects together, counting by  ones & counting by tens, we practiced Spanish & tried to learn new words, we read as we went off the mountain, & we continued to learn the joy of being a family that gets to work together. 
Part 2 . . . . to come later. 

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  1. Great post! I love it. I am so jealous of your country life. I would love land and animals, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen! :) That's okay, I'll live through you. You are the perfect example of how much children can learn if they are allowed to participate in "real life" with adults everyday. If they were in school they would have missed out on so much! Thanks for sharing, loved the photos too!