Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My day

This was my day:

I am not whining. But as a mother/wife you would appreciate this: my day so far.

5;15 am
My hubby gets up to go hunting, so now I get to wake up too.

8:00 am
Feed the animals to find out my pigs broke down part of the fence & now I get to fix it.

10:00 am
My little dude gets Legos stuck up his nose until it is pouring out blood, just I get everyone loaded in the pickup it comes out.

11:30 am
I run errand with fighting boys. Enough said.

3:00 pm
I find out my hubby is stuck up in the mountains somewhere hunting. He is at least hunting with friends.

4:30 pm
I find out my wonderful neighbors are going to go help my hubby

5:00 pm
I am trying to make dinner with whining baby & hungry kids. Fun as usual

6:30 pm
My baby chokes on a piece of a plastic bag, luckily after several traumatic seconds that feel like hours we get it out

7:00 pm
I find out the rescue party is on their way. Yeah!

7:26 pm
I am trying to put kids in bed & get packed for tomorrow

Sometime later this evening I am hoping my hubby will get rescued & get home.

Thank goodness it's a holiday tomorrow!

And that that I have awesome neighbors!!!


  1. Hi Tiff!! It sounds like you need a long break . . . somewhere quiet . . . maybe a beach and sunshine should be included?! Hugs to you sweet friend, no matter what, you are still a wonderful mom, with great kids, a good husband . . . and wonderful neighbors!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Gentle Hugs,

    P.S. Hope hubby made it home safe and sound... :0)

  2. Oh my! That is crazy! Hope you have a great weekend!