Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The smell of Autumn

I have this on my stove today & oh how it makes me happy. It is the smell of fall & holidays. Want to try it, it's simple & beautiful.

Cut up an orange & lemon. Throw in some cranberries, cloves & a cinnamon stick. Fill up with water & just keep it simmering all day. Your house will soon smell amazing. I usually keep a pot for several days up to a week & just keep adding water. You will know when to throw it & make up some more. Enjoy. I also just love the looks of it.


  1. Hi Tiff!

    Sounds delightful!! I love this time of year - so nostalgic for me . . . can't wait to simmer this on my stove!


  2. Very fool! I think I will do that

  3. Very cool of course! Not fool. :)