Tuesday, January 22, 2013

YW Personal Progress: Isn't it Sweet?

 As I mentioned in this post earlier I am involved with the YW in our church. We try to help encourage them to do their personal progress. Right now, I am trying about twice a month to recognize & give a little something to those girls who are passing off goals. I hope it is 1. Encouraging those girls to keep going & 2. Maybe offer a incentive or at least a reminder to the other girls to be working on theirs. I made these up to give to the girls.

           It says:  "Isn't is SWEET, that you got these goals complete. Great Job:      ( Then it has a place for me to add the girls name in)  & For Finishing:  (the list of goals that they have passed off to me in the last few weeks. That way they too can double check & make sure I recorded all the ones that have been completed).  At the bottom is says "Keep up the good work."

 Here are a few done up from earlier this week:

I like to use a need & thread & sew the little treat bag onto the card. 

Tie it up.  My color was about dead, so they are lighter than the original.

The back: I have a bag filled with treats and & another bag  I have stickers & the will add the bookmark once I pick it up. Then she has everything all together. 
         All cards finished up & ready to hand out. I have a few extra ready to go, just in case I missed 

And in case you want to make some of your own:

        If you want to save them (right click on the image & click on save image as) or if you prefer I would be happy to e-mail this copy or the pdf to anyone that is interested. Just send me an e-mail. Enjoy.

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  1. SUPER cute! LOVE IT! Great job! Sending the link to my other YW friends, Tiffany!