Friday, August 12, 2011

Crop dusters

You know those days when you have every intention to sleep in, but for some reason those are always the ones where you can't. Today was such a morning. I had every intention not to set my alarm & just wake up whenever. So what happened this morning at the crack of dawn? Our rooster who never before made a noise decided to find his voice this morning & crow. Crow he did for a very long time. I suffered through it. Then just as I fell back to sleep here came the crop duster. Who happened to be by the fields near our home & buzzed our house with each pass. I groaned, gave up, & left everyone else asleep to sneak off for a morning walk. But just as I started the crop duster came buzzing by again. I must admitt I watched memorized for a few minutes. The pilot has some amazing aeronautics skills. It was quite fun to watch. And so my day began. Maybe tomorrow I will try sleeping in.

- Until later.

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