Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fresh Cherry Pie

So the other day I was giving a message that the cherries were ready for picking. So I loaded up the 3 boys & we headed down to pasture to start picking.
Now this was actually the first time in my life I have ever picked cherries. It was kind of fun, (probably the novelty of the 1st time).

The cherry tree. So the tree wasn't as loaded as we hoped for, but anything was better than nothing.
Today I finally got around to making the pie.

I found a recipe online that required these ingredients, plus sugar & pies. I will try to remember & share it later.

You mix them all together & then let them sit for 15 minutes . While I was waiting I made the pie crust. A delicious recipe I will share at a later date.

Then pour in your cherries when your time is up.

I was a little short on cherries, so it didn't quite fill it up as much as I would like.

Put the top on & put that baby in the oven until it is golden delicious. Kind of like this one:

Okay it smelled & looked a lot better than it does here. At this point in time it took some self discipline. My first thoughts to dive in & start eating it. Then my darling husband reminded me it needed to cool so that it could kind of gel. I tried waiting, but finally gave in & dished it up.

It probably did need a few more minutes, but I couldn't wait any more. It was delicious! Probably the best cherry pie I have eaten. But maybe that is because I did everything needed from picking, to pitting, to eating. One of the cool things I think about life from country roads. : )
-Until later,

P.S I am looking for a good price on a cherry tree if anyone knows of one.

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