Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Menu Monday -on Tuesday, again :0)

So our weekend turned out wonderfully. We didn't get everything we wanted done, but that is okay. We had almost all of our family in town on both sides & it was fantastic. My little brother surprised us by showing up, so that was fun. It was a great weekend & we are so blessed to have so much family & have them be so good to us. This week is going to be a crazy one, & I hope you all are able to enjoy the 4th. I am spending the 1st of my week on the road to 2 different states. It should be fun. Here is my view from Oregon this morning.

Menu Monday

Monday: B- ranchos juevos
D- Traveling

Tuesday: Traveling all day

Wednesday: B- Cold cereal
L: @ my parents house
D: @my parents

Thursday: B @ my parents still
L: tacos
D: Stir fry

Friday: B: waffles
L: BBQ Chicken
D: Tin foil dinners

Saturday: B: Cream egg on Toast
L : Busy mans Casserole
D: rice & beans

Sunday: B: Sticky rolls & fruit
L: roast & mashed potatoes

Baking: Bread & can some more pinto beans

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