Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Fun

 I just got back from a girls weekend with my sisters & mom. It was fantastic!! 3 days of visiting, crafting, shopping, a little chocalate & a whole lot of fun. I will post about it later, but I wanted to share a few pictures from earlier this summer. I went to spend a few days at my mom's house in June. While we were there we did some fun activities. The weeks theme was "Sky High" and my sister & her kids had been learning about things in the sky: clouds, stars, the moon etc. We were lucky enough to join them for a few days.  
We did shaving cream painting at the park and made clouds. 

 We did a science experiment with Ivory soap.  We put this in the microwave and got...

this neato cloud!

The kids played at the park.

My sister made delicious 'cloud' parfaits 

After my sister had showed my brother this recipe on pinterest he was all excited to try it out.  So he made us all a scrumptious batch of edible worms.

MMmmmmmm....appealing don't you think?

The kids all eating one :) (See Below) 
(My sister broke into song and sang "Everybody hates me, know body likes me.  I guess I'll go eat worms..." everyone looked at her funny, my brother & I included. She says its a real song, I am in doubt. Does anyone else remember that song?)

All the cousins eating a worm. In fact, we all eventually joined in & have pictures of my sister, mom & I eating some as well. They are kind of gross & slimy going down. My sister & kids were able to finally meet new little boy.  The kids all LOVED him.  What a cutie!

Anyways, I meant to share earlier, but life has been crazy! We had such a fun time, I am glad we went. It so good to be with family. 

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