Friday, August 24, 2012

Homeschooling Conversations

  I have been talking with several people about homeschooling, life, & motherhood.  It has been fun & I do enjoy homeschooling. I love visiting with other homeschooling moms. It always helps give me new perspective, ideas & remind me that we love this.  We really do.  As I have had homeschooling on my mind, I have noticed conversations with my kids, that I am guessing don't happen in a regular  households. Then again, they might, I really don't know, I only know what happens at our house.

  This was my conversation tonight with this guy: Keep in mind he is 4, well 4 1/2.

      Me: "Little Dude, what are you still doing up, you need to get to bed."
    Little Dude : " No I don't I am doing math." 
      Me: " You don't need to be doing math at 9:00 at night, you were supposed to be asleep by now."
      Little Dude: " Yes, I do! Everyone else is better at math than me, & I don't like it. Now let me do math."
     Me: (Here is my moral debate, do I tell him math isn't important right now & force him to bed? Or do I realize that 15 more minutes won't matter much more to me, but they will to him. Math wins.  
    Me: "Okay, you can do math for 15 more minutes, but then you need to go to bed."
    Little Dude: "Okay, now leave me alone, I need to practice."
                                                       *                     *                    *      

This next conversation occurred while driving home from the local feed store. Where we had picked up more feed for a certain little boys "Pig Business."  

  So also keep in mind we have recently acquired a new animal that has never been at our home before. It has become a necessity for our new founded professions & so we have a horse. 

Here is the debate between the monkey & once again, with the son (above)  getting into: They are fighting over who "gets" the horse. The monkey (my middle sons that has a "Pig Business") just said he gets the horse.  To which my little dude replies:

   "No you don't get the horse. I get the horse. You already have a business. I am already 4 years old (making it sound more like he is closer to 400 years old than 4) & I don't even have a business. You don't need anymore animals. I need a business, & I am almost 5 (he is getting older as we go along). Yeah 5, & I don't have a business yet, so I get the horse. Then she can be my business."  To which he firmly folds his arms,  & nods his head, as if you say,  that is the end of the discussion.

  Then there are daily conversations with things similar to this:

   Boys:  "Mom we need some eggs."
     Me:    "Why do you need eggs?"
  The boys:    "We are doing science & want to try an experiment, so we need eggs." (They usually ask for various household items, almost daily) & they always give me a look as if  to say:  "I can't believe you asked me why, couldn't it be more obvious."   
    Me: "Oh, of course."
     And to be honest, I usually give in, because honestly what is a few eggs in the sake of science. :0) 

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  1. Hi Tiffany!

    Once again, you made me grin!! You are a great mom - homeschooling is wonderful, I wish I would have done it! Your little boys are so cute, what fun to be able to record their cuteness!