Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am supposed to be picking my peas & beans right now. However, I found a snake in my garden. I hate snakes, if truth be known, I am quite terrified of snakes. So I did what any good mother would do, I called my 3 oldest boys to come, search the garden, find it & kill it.  I give big rewards at this house for anyone that kills a snake. BIG rewards.  So while my boys are off being my heroes I thought I would do another quick post. Since I have been slacking oh, so much lately. My sunflowers are in bloom, this variety is Autumn Blaze. I love it.  .  

It has been nice to actually have flowers in my flower beds this year. I have plans to add more next year.

 My mind has been on so many things home school related & I am creating posts in my head, which I plan to share, but until then you might as well take the time to stop & smell   & enjoy the flowers.

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  1. Those are gorgeous photos! But, a snake?! I would have locked my entire family in the house until my husband got home!! I actually told my boys I am allergic to snakes and will die if I even see one. They actually believe me. :) I know what you mean about having your mind on hs stuff! For the last 2 weeks it's all I've done in my free time and had many late nights working on stuff. I can now say I am ready except for waiting on 2 more packages and my husband to install some shelving.