Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working . . .

We have been working . . . a lot lately. One of the great blessings of life. Anyways  we have been working as a family, out of town.  In that time we have spent some hours in this facility. I loved looking around & walking down & through  it, so I had to take a few pictures. Just to remember it by. 

This cute sign is hanging in one of the barns. One day I might have to get one of these. 
I would have loved to see this ranch at it's full capacity. 
I can only imagine each jug full of a mamma & her new lamb. Or even better, twins. 
Beautiful sunset, looking into the drop pens. 

And of course, like all good mothers, my baby hangs our right along side of me in the barn.  Isn't he getting so big, so fast.  I wish I could stop it. Oh well.  It was great to check out someone else barns & to work our guts out as a family. I know more days like these are coming. 
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  1. Hi Tiffany!

    Lambing sheds? What a great adventure you and your family will have! I can't believe how much that sweet-cheeked baby has grown!!