Wednesday, February 20, 2013

China & Japan Dynasties.

A few weeks ago we were studying the initial dynasties in China & Japan. Just a little of their initial history from the The Story of the World

Here is some of what we learned:

The Grand Canal took years to dig by hand. The emperor forced every family to send one woman, one child, and one old man to help dig the canal.

The same emperor made them pay 10 years worth of taxes in advance to help pay for it.

The Tang Dynasty of China is known as the Golden Age of China

The Yamato emperor ruled in Japan almost 2,000 years ago & a Yamato emperor is still on the throne today!

We read the legend of Susano & the serpent.

The boys have loved the Story of the World. We are slowly making our way through it all.

Other things we did are:

We watched videos on animals in Asia.

We learned where China & Japan are on the map.

We watched Mulan (really just for fun)

We reviewed what we learned last year with The Story of Ping

I think this Magic Tree House book would be fun to read, but we have already read it.

We colored pictures of Samurais.

Initially I was going to take them out for Sushi, but I was without a vehicle.
I was also unsure if they would even like it, so we created a different version of sushi.

I saw one of my friends do this earlier this year & thought we would try.

Rice crispy sushi.

We rolled the outside with fruit roll up.
On the inside of some we put gummi fish.

I realize it is a vast difference between these & real sushi. It was snowy, cold day & for us it was the perfect way to end the school day.

Plus, the boys loved them!

Now we are headed to the land down under to study aborigines.

What history fun are you having?
- Tiffany.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is so much fun. I love the homemade sushi! Your kids are going to think sushi is delicious!! :) I am really struggling with a history choice for next year, so it's good to hear your opinion of SOTW. We haven't done much history this year and I know I need something simple because of having a new baby too. Does it take much planning for you?