Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Family Reading

        So my little brother before moving dropped off  a pile of books for me to read to my kids he thought we would enjoy, as I try to read a lot to them. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein. "If you want your kids to be intelligent read them fairly tales.  If you want your kids to be even more intelligent read them even more fairy tales."
      Anyways, we are slowly reading through his pile of books. There is a large variety. One is a large volumes on all the famous authors of fairy tales, in true format. Not all of them are the happy endings you are used to reading, and we have pretty much finished those up.  So the other day we picked up some of these. The Magic Tree House Series, by Mary Pope Osborne. My boys have fallen in love. We can read a book in a little over an hour, or a little less depending on who is reading.  The boys after reading one of the books decided they wanted to go in order, so we went the library & picked up  the first 3. We started book 2, yesterday morning, but I only read a chapter.  So later night in the middle of making dinner, my Little Dude comes in carrying book 2.

He wanted to know if I could read it, right now. I explained that I was in the middle of making dinner, but he could ask his dad to read.  He looked at me exasperated, "Dad doesn't know how to read."

    I am not quite certain how he drew this conclusion, because the Hubby is a definite reader. He is reading books all the time, but for some reason little dude was didn't think dad could read these books. So dad called to him, & they sat on the couch reading until dinner was ready. Then after dinner the boys asked if he could read more. So we gathered around the fire place & listened as he read to all of us, until the book was finished.  It was wonderful. I snapped a picture with my phone, which isn't the greatest but I didn't want to disrupt the moment. 

Which only partially worked because the minute I went to snap a picture all heads turned from my hubby to me. Oh well. It is moments like this I want to remember & love.

We will probably head to the library later today to pick up a few more of the series, but I am curious. What books are you reading to your kids?
I am always looking for ideas. 


  1. We like magic tree house and junie b. jones. Hank the cowdog, and anything judy blume. Our library is great for encouraging reading. I love being able to go in and look at the tabs and know what level of books are appropriate for my kids reading levels.

  2. So wonderful! Quite funny your husband doesn't know how to read, though! : ) What a peaceful moment. How old are your boys? My boys and I are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I think it's too mature for them and so it's taking us a REALLY long time to get through. They've really enjoyed some of Roald Dahl's books.

  3. To the Mrs. We both laughed so hard when my little dude told me the hubby didn't know how to read. As for the ages of my boys they are 7,5, & 4. Thanks for all the ideas. As for your blog sabbatical, enjoy the vacation, but know your insights you share on your blog will be missed.