Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Monday & This Weeks To-Do

Well here is Menu Monday & this weeks to do list.  As for last weeks recipe the Caribbean pork chops were okay. Not my favorite so I probably won't make them again. The Hunts Tomatoe & pesto chicken was surprising good. (My hubby was right) So that I will probably add onto our list of menu ideas.  As for this week my hubby is out of town for the first of the week, so my cooking will be lacking until he comes home. 

This Week MENU

Monday -  Fried Chicken from Grocery store 
Tuesday - Swiss Steak with Rice
Wednesday - Herb & Garlic Steak w/ Baked Potatoes
Thursday -- Clam Chowder w/ Homemade Bread sticks
Friday -- Slow Cooker Vanilla & Honey Pork 
Saturday -- Mexican Chicken Casserole
Sunday -- Roast & Potatoes

Breakfast Ideas:  Scrambled Eggs, Fruit & Muffins, Biscuits & Gravy, Hot Cereal, Creamed Egg on Toast,  German Pancakes  & Waffles

Baking: I only made cookies last week so here is to actually getting bread made, & some sort of cookies for my hubbies lunches once he returns home.

 This last week TO DO list didn't get very far, so most of it is carry over. I am hoping to be a little more successful. I did get the sewing done for Robyn & I must say I thought they looked cute. I did finish a couple of crochet projects done. So I will post  pictures of all my finished projects later. Also my office did get cleaned so that is nice.

This Weeks TO DO LIST
  • At my husbands request: ALL laundry washed & put away by Tuesday night before he gets home ?? (Questions marks because it doesn't really thrill me, but does need done).
  • Edit & Post Pictures from Blain Reception
  • Edit & Post pictures from Reed Baby Photo Shoot   (Done!!) 
  • Finish Painting my sewing Table   (Done!) 
  • Post pictures to my family blog      (Done!) 
  • Get my sewing tutorial posted on here. 
  • My pajama's Made
  • Work on Costley Baby Quilt (I have the basic design figured out now, but I just need to make some minor changes to it this week & then get the rest of the material bought so I can start putting it together). 
  • Remember this pattern for Crochet slippers, well I bought it last week & would like to try making it this week.
  • Womens House Slipper Crochet Pattern for Violet adult house slipper

   We did make our trip to the post office last week, & that was fun. I have never had a tour of the post office. We are really focusing on reading this week in home school & have our 1st official spelling test. We practice spelling words, but we don't have a "test" on them very often. So we will see if it is something we like or not.   I found some cool homeschooling stuff on pinterest this morning & may put off finishing the different classifications of animals & do a unit on the body. I have to check my overall sheet to see where I am.     
   Well I should get moving, though I am slow. Something about having my hubby out of town makes my days seem to drag. I could never be an military wife, but give huge props to those who are. Anyways Happy Monday to you all & we will see you tomorrow. Or later today. Who knows! : ) 

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