Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Farewell Gift . . .


We had friends moving. We wanted to get them something, but what do you get someone, who usually is trying to downsize their stuff, so they can move cross-country?

When we moved away to Montana years ago (we since have returned back). It was 12 hour drive to get to get to our new home, my good friend, made goodie bags for each of my kids. My oldest at the time was 5. In the bags she had 6 or 7 wrapped gifts. Some were treats, some toys, it varied & the were all wrapped. Most of the items were picked up at the dollar store. For every 2 hours we drove, the boys were then allowed to open a gift. It was awesome because of their little attention spans. They would unwrap their gift & play with it & after a while they would get bored, but soon they had something new.

  I thought about doing something similar for this family, but for various reasons I wasn't able to make it happen.

 So after much contemplating this is what we ended up with.


      In the first pile is coloring & activities pads, one for each kids. Something to keep the kids occupied while traveling that far. Our friends kids are 5, 8, 11 so these should be able to keep their attention span hopefully awhile.

   In the second pile is stuff to keep in contact with. There is a  writing pad, envelopes, stickers, pens, A book of postage stamps & of course address labels with our address pre-printed, so they can always keep in contact with us. The last thing, that wasn't added at the time was a mini-photo book. Pictures I have taken over the years of our kids together.
And of course in the bag we tossed in treats & candy, to eat on the road. We wrapped it all up in a bag along with our farewell card & gave it to them. We miss them, but wish them the best in their new adventure!  

Now we are just waiting on a letter . . .

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