Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Phonics

So reading is a sensitive subject in this home. Kind of. As the mom, I am probably the most sensitive to the subject. You see my eight year old is not a reader. He reads little words, but reading has always been a fight.

My husband taught himself to read by age 4. Big books. So years ago when my eight year old was 4, my husband was insistent that my cowboy should also be reading. But he wasn't & my cowboy was happy.

When we started homeschooling we read a couple of books & they suggested waiting until the child wants to read. So we have developed the philosophy that when HE is ready to learn to read he will.

My little cowboy is now 8. He isn't much of a reader (he can listen to stories for hours though). I thought for sure by now he would be reading. It is causing me a little stress. He is in an older church class where they read a lot if scriptures. Right now, my cowboy can't. Then I think, what will everyone else think of me & our homeschooling ideas if he can't read, especially those that struggle with our families choice. Luckily, we are blessed that his teacher of his class understands us & our homeschooling philosophy. (She homeschoolers as well). She doesn't put pressure, & makes it pleasant still. I get worried other kids might make fun of him. Then my hubby reminds me who cares what others think & when my cowboy is ready to read he will.

So we have tried a few things & everything seemed to end in a fight. Screaming, yelling, door slamming, I hate reading fight.

I love the saying, "Inspire, not require." Sometimes I forget it, but I do try to follow it when I can. Then I wonder what can I do to inspire my son to read more?

One day after discussing this with my homeschooling sister. She gave me these to try:

It is Happy Phonics by Diane Hopkins.

It is learning to read with games. This has been wonderful.

It is almost all games. The first time we tried it, I accidentally said, "We are going to play this reading game."

My cowboy immediately got uptight declared his hatred to learning to read & stormed out of the room.

Within 5 minutes he was back in the room asking to play it too. It was the first time in a long time he read & tried to read & was actually happy.

I still am using my sister version, but plan on buying my own in the future. It is exactly what the name professes. Happy Phonics. I would recommend it to anyone who is having a time similar to ours.

We are moving slowly through it. Very, very slowly. But we are moving & that is progress. Happy progress. Check it out & I will keep you up to date on our reading progress.

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- Tiffany.


  1. I can definitely understand that you would feel insecure sometimes, but just imagine him in a room full of 30 other kids trying to learn and love to read...that would not be better! I agree with your philosophy, that a child will read when he/she is ready to read. I've never heard of Happy Phonics. Sounds like it might be fun to have around.

    1. I know a lot if kids would be worse. I feel a little insecure sometimes because I know your oldest is a reader & still younger then mine. But I am happy to know you share my philosophy! I really do think he will Learn to read & quickly once he decides to! I wish you lived closer & I will let you try our out. We really do enjoy it!

  2. ohhhh this is getting a look at by me! Thank you!