Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fresh Air & Sunshine

Yesterday we took a break & headed outside. Not because we hardly ever get outside, just the opposite, but yesterday most of our day had been indoors.

I was feeling crowded.

I also had been working on stuff all afternoon & felt like I needed to give a little more undivided attention to my kids.

So we headed to a park.

We spend so much time outdoors, we don't actually frequent parks very often.

So this was a treat to my boys.

And boy do they love parks.

To practice more of their climbing skills.

And "surfing" skills.

It so fun to watch them, & push them on the swing.

To hear their laughter, & an occasional, "Watch this!"

Even my baby discovered a love of soft sand.

And exploring every inch of it.

It was an enjoyable, but quick hour.

We came home calmer, nicer, & feeling a little more connected.

It's amazing what a little fresh air & sunshine can do for the soul.

- Tiffany

1 comment:

  1. Oh I agree! Sunshine and sweat are so good for the soul! I guess you guys don't need park days because you already have so much time outdoors and in nature! I wish we had more of that and less time at parks!