Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Goals Follow-up

 So March went by way to fast, but it went great. Last month I decided to try something new & make goals for the month of March. You can read more about it here.

 So how did it go? It went fairly well, but as always there is room for some improvement. 

Goal #1. Was to take better care of myself.  
    I took a little more time for myself, I sewed more. I watched more carefully what I was eating  & tried to move a little more. I tried to enjoy time more. I tried to say no on things instead of stretching myself to thin. 

Goal #2, Was to try to be better of , "Make it up, wear it out, make it do or go without." To heart this month

          Here are some frugal things I did this month:
  • Made Cookies, instead of bought them.
  • Fixed  the zipper on one sleeping bag & patched holes in another.
  • Vacuumed out my car at home instead of a car wash.
  • Made Bread.
  • Stayed home from 2 different trips, & had my husband go alone, instead of taking the whole family. This was hard to do, because I really wanted to go, but I knew if we all went more $$ would have been spent.
  • Touched up paint & patched some whole in walls myself
  • Worked on making a quilt with material I already had on hand.
  • I put 5 items back on almost every trip at the store. (I learned this trick awhile ago, but haven't used it for awhile.) Right before going up to the checkout. I would go through my cart & choose 5 items to put away. Usually they were impulse buys on things I wanted or didn't need. I would say this saved me an average of $10-20 dollars each trip.
  • Rented movies on Netflix for free with the promo codes Breakroom & DVDONME. They go buy credit card, so I could use the same codes different times with a different bank accounts.
  • Bought new long T-shirt & tank tops at a local thrift shop (same brand name) instead of the department store.
  • When we did eat out we split an adult entree into thirds & bagged getting my kids each a separate kiddie meal.
  • Butchered our pigs & filled our freezer with pork.
  • I stopped my garbage service for the few weeks I wasn't in town. 
  • I have have been reading these 2 blogs a lot. The Prudent Homemaker & Blissful & Domestic.  Trying to get more ideas on how to be more frugal.
So there are some ideas. The more I thought about this & studied it the more I want to learn more about frugality.

As for Goal #3 of learning more Spanish. 
   I have been studying the Book of Mormon in Spanish  & practicing more vocab.
  After a month of this I am understanding more. Not everything just more. However I still really struggle when it comes to forming the words into my head of what I need to relate to the herders. So this one I will just have to keep at it. 

So there you have it. My follow-up on March. How did your March goals go?


  1. Nice job!! Sounds like you had a productive and successful month. Good work lady. I like your idea of putting five things back!

  2. Good Job Momma! It is so hard to take time for ourselves isn't it?