Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hand stitching . . .

I love being a mother.

 A full time, stay at home mother.

 Who homeschools.

 To 4 boys.

 If you know boys, you know how that goes.

 And I love it.

 But every now & then I need a break.

 To do something that I enjoy.

 I normally love to sew, but as we travel a lot, that isn't always feasible.

 So I hand embroidery.

 It is nice, it gives me a break even if it is only 5 minutes.

 Creating new things makes me happy. I have been doing handwork since I was little, so it also relaxes me.
  (this isn't the pattern I have, just an example)

I use these iron on transfers. I love them. They are only a couple of dollars & if you iron gently you can usually get 3 or 4 transfers from the same pattern. It is a great way of sharing.

My mom picked some up, ironed them & then gave them for me to use. Once I am done I will pass them along to one of my other sisters or someone that wants them.

I recently just finished my first one & am working on the other 6.

 There is a pattern for everyday of the week. I iron them on flour sacks cloths. They are light, & incredible durable & hold moisture amazing.

Then I use them, &  smile. I love the little details & designs on the cloths as I use them in everyday.

Like I said, hand stitching is incredibly relaxing for me. And it travels nicely.

So what do you do, to help relax you?

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  1. I've only done a couple of embroidery projects, but I did enjoy it. I relax by reading!!!!!