Friday, April 12, 2013

It Works. . .

 "I just don't get how some marriages work."

Earlier this week, I was having a discussion on marriages. From outside looking in, I see a husband & wife happily married & how they each take on different roles in their home & I shake my head wondering how in the heck does that work for them.

Because the way they do things, wouldn't ever work in this home.

Then I imagine people looking at my own marriage & wondering the exact same same thing.

We will celebrate our 10th anniversary next month. I realize that isn't huge, but it certainly is longer than some. Not quite the 70th anniversary I have every intention in celebrating with my handsome hubby in 60 years, but we are getting there.

My own grandma was married 50+ years before the love of her life died from Cancer. They had a candy cane on their Christmas tree for every year they were married.

I loved that.

I love my marriage. I love how we are so different, but we have an great marriage.

My hubby doesn't do dishes or laundry. Never has, probably never will.

If it is stinky, nasty, dirty or heavy lifting, I don't do it.

There are certain things I consider "his job" & things that he considers "my job".

Don't get me wrong we still help each other out.

In the middle of this discussion I thought of 2 songs  I love.

Now you can hear them too.

"Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice

"It Works"  by Alabama.

And as I play these songs over today, I think how  we make our marriage work.

And I cannot imagine my life without my husband.  at my side.

I don't need to know how other marriages work, just how to make mine be wonderful.

And it is.

Like the 1 hour & 45 minute conversation we had at 3 a.m. because my husband woke up & couldn't go back to sleep last night.

As I was contemplating how others make it work & my dear friend told me how things in our marriage would not  "work" in her house. We both smiled.

Blessed to be married to the men we are. Blessed to have the marriages we do. 

My life is so much better because of it & I can't wait to see what the next 60 years will hold.

So take time today to go on a hot date with your spouse, or snuggle a little more, send him a love note.

Or do whatever you do to make yours work.


  1. How sweet! My sister and I talk about this ALL THE TIME! What works in her marriage and household would never work in mine and vice versa!

  2. You are a very wise woman!! Congrats on 10 years, that's a huge accomplishment in this day and age!! I hope you make it to 70 too!