Monday, December 5, 2011

Guest Posting Today . . . Go Check it out!

      Today I am guest blogging & I must say I am pretty excited about it too! I will be teaching you tips & tricks of Refinishing furniture that I have learned.  As well as showing you some of my before & after  pictures too!  So if you want to check it out head on over to: Jade Louise Designs.  I have known her for quite some time & she is an awesome lady. 

Also I am slowly starting to get my Etsy shop up & running. So look for a shop called the butterflypatch.
Right now I only have 3 items in, but more will be coming. There will be some more Fine Art Prints that will be added, along with some Ties for your Little Guys & an a Pattern or two, and possibly a few more quilts. Once I get the original quilt finished. But for now it is a start. So I would love to chat, but I will be spending my day chatting over at 
  Jade Louise Designs, followed by a trip to the Bank to open savings/business accounts for all of my boys, a trip to the dentist, grocery store & the regular Monday mayhem   So go check out my guest post, & let me know if you have questions. Otherwise I will see you lovely people tomorrow. 

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  1. Such a Great Article at JadeLouise Designs! :)

    I love your refinished furniture!