Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big suprise

We went to the doctor yesterday,
To see the baby on the way.
We thought we were having a girl.
The words of the doctor made us whirl.
We were surprised with joy,
we are having our 4th little boy.


  1. Congrats on the boy! A friend of mine found out they are having ANOTHER boy. And she's a bit sad because she knows it's their last kid. Shew wanted a girl very badly. But she said on the plus side, she at least already knows how to deal with boys, and she already has TONS of boy clothes, and blankets and toys, etc etc. So very nice on the pocket book too. Girls get me..I just can't resist the girly stuff. lol.

  2. I will likely be in this club someday! Congratulations! I think I'm good at raising boys. You must be too! When are you due? P.S. Do you homeschool?

  3. You are a wonderful boy Mom!!