Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Being a mom is hard . . .

  You know how some days turn out so lovely & others seem to not be nearly as lovely.   Oh today is one of those hard days to be a mom. Our day actually started out really well. We went to  party & we hung out with the boys this morning, but this afternoon it took a turn for the worse.  Nothing terrible happened. just some exchanged words with my son while trying to get him to do some chores. The things he said, hurt me, made me wonder how to help him & what I have done not quite right for him to get a image of himself that makes me cry.  Oh some days being a mom is hard . . . my hubby then showed up & knowing I am having a hard day. He showed up, got a call from his best friend saying that he needed to meet him.  - When real friends call at this house, and need something - no matter time of day, we go. So less than 5 minutes from when he walked in, he walked back out for an indefinite period of time.  And I am feeling a little more than lost on what to do, so after browsing my favorite blogs in efforts to cure my mood, I am here telling life as it really is. Some days being a mom is hard & heartbreaking.  Not knowing the best way to help your kids & teach them is hard. But that is what life is about . . . so I will quit whining now & pray that somehow I can make tomorrow a little better, and hope my hubby returns soon, because he can almost always make me feel better.  Thanks for letting me whine . . . see you tomorrow. 

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  1. We've all been there! Hope tomorrow turns up and up for you!