Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cinderella is Proof . . .

"Cinderella is proof, that a new pair of shoes can change a girls life."

     I love shoes, but I don't buy a new pairs very often. Unless is Spring, I buy a new pair of flip flops every year, sometimes 2 depending on how fast my cheap 7 dollar pairs wears out. I used to buy shoes a lot more, when I was single.  I love looking at shoes, but with 3 kids & 1 on the way I can never justify a pair of shoes for me, to many other things to spend money on. 
       Well the other day we went shopping at our local Farm & Ranch Store, for the boys new muck boots. I was getting frustrated with them wearing their good shoes out to the pig pen, & well coming in gross to say the least.  So off we went & picked up new muck boots to outfit my boys. 
         When my husband offered to buy me a pair, so I too would quit wearing my decent shoes to the barn, I conceded. Under one condition, that I could at least pick out a girly looking pair, instead of regular black pipe boots. He didn't care so I came home with these:

  Now, I am not really a horse girl, but I do love pink & brown. I asked my hubby what he thought & his remark was "It's not going to matter once you walk in the pig pen they going to be covered in . . . (well lets just say manure)."   And yes he may be right, but at least now when you see some person wearing too large of Men's Carhart Overalls & Coat (because nothing else covers my growing belly) walking out to the barn,  at least one look at the boots & you will know it's a girl. And that is all I want. Something that looks a little girly out in the barn. 

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  1. Not only are they cute, you won't have to worry about anybody borrowing yours! :) Sometimes it's nice to be the only girl!