Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things kids say . . .

The things kids say, before I forget I just have to write down to funny sayings my boys have said the last few days. 

 1st - My Little Dude came to me complaining he wanted to go outside, but not by himself. To which I replied, take Kota (the dog), she would love to go outside. He exasperated looked at me and said 
  "No mom, I want to go outside with a human."
  All I could do was laugh. 

2nd My Cowboy - 
               I was quickly trying to get the boys into our vehicle so we could run a quick errand in town. When the boys are loading in & I looked at them all with mud all over their pants & boots. I sighed & said how in the world am I supposed to take you guys to town, if your filthy.
   My Cowboy: Looks at me a little exasperated too & said, "MOM, we're boys."
          Your right Cowboy, enough said.  

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