Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Menu Monday - on Tuesday :0)

This Week's Menu     
       As always there are a few repeats from last week onto this week, because I ended up not cooking a couple of those meals, so they just get bumped to this next week.  I already know I have everything on hand to make them, so why not. The Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken from Chef in Training was actually pretty good. I think I will make it again. 
         This week is already crazy & I am already stressed. It my birthday on Saturday. I am turning 30 on the 30th. It feels like a big number to me.  But most importantly:  We are a having almost all of our family (on both sides) in town for the weekend because we are blessing my beautiful baby on Sunday. Which means 71 people will be hanging out at my house . . . . see the stress? So we are trying to get things put together, made, straightened. & finishing the last details that you need when that many people come to celebrate. So yeah. I shouldn't even be on the computer today, but I just needed to say hi. (Hi!) Then I will get back to work. So here is what we are eating this week. 

        B- Waffles
        L - Mac 'N Cheese
        D- Monterrey Chicken w/ Corn on the Cob

         B- Ranchos  Juevos
         L- Undecided
         D - Rice Sausage Casserole.

- Informal recipe for my dear friend Barb:    Make about 2 cups of rice, brown the sausage of your choice. I usually do 1 lb, but we like sausage. Chop up some celery. Open 2 (or whatever it needs to be moist) cans of cream of mushroom soup. Mix it all together in your cake pan. I sometimes add a little soy sauce if it needs some salt. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until hot all the way through. Eat & Enjoy.   It isn't fancy but we still like it every now & then.

          B- Sticky Rolls
          L - Leftovers
          D-  Beef Noodles

      B-     Cream of Wheat/Oatmeal
      L -    Enchiladas
      D -  Crockpot Honey Mustard Chicken

  B- Cream Egg on Toast
  L - Pork Fajitas
  D-  Funeral Potatoes

        B. Eggs & Hash browns
        L- Not sure - We are supposed to be at a baptism, for my hubbies family. Who knows where we will
        D.-  Spaghetti or Tacos. Something for a crowd, because I am not sure how many I will be feeding.

        B- Fruit & Muffins/Cold Cereal
        D - Our Huge Dinner:   Roast, Salads, Rolls, &  Desserts  w/ a pinata for fun. 

Baking:  Homemade Wheat Bread,  Sunday Treats, Rolls

As always I am linking up to Organizing Junkie

This Week's TO DO

  • Weed flower beds & Garden 
  • Finish Sanding & Painting in Boys room & Tables we are building
  • Clean, Clean, Clean!!! 
  • Breathe
  • Enjoy this weekend . . .

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  1. Hi Tiffany!

    As always I love your menus!! And, THANK YOU for the sausage casserole recipe - I'm going to make it next week!

    We are going to be out of town, so we will miss the blessing - he is such a beautiful baby - you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!! Good luck with the 71 guests! Just think of all the hugs that baby will get - not to mention your other handsome boys... ;0)

    Hugs and good luck!


    P.S. I'm sure gonna miss you guys in YW!