Thursday, June 21, 2012


Awhile ago for home school group we went on a field trip to learn a little more about taxidermy. My kids are great lovers of outdoors & all things hunting (thanks to their dad); so this was awesome. The wife started by reading this cute book about a elk that looses his antlers, but doesn't know why. It was quite cute & she was very animated & had the kids enthralled. 

       The boys did extremely well, listening to her & what she had to say. My boys even brought notebooks so they could take notes. They didn't want to miss a thing.  It was cute.

Touching a moose paddle. My boys have seen many antlers & moose paddles before, but for a lot of these kids & their moms this was a first. 

            About half way through the presentation, just as the kids started getting restless, they were all given a "spotting scope" & were told to search the house for the animals that had used  their natural camouflage to blend in. My kids thought it was awesome. They all took home a toy animal & spotting scope & we played this game for days afterwards.

                         This is what the inside of a taxidermy animals is made out of. This one is for a porcupine. I had never seen the inside up close, my boys that was pretty neat.

They  let the kids after everything was done touch some of the deer & elk that were mounted. My kids thought it was pretty interesting, but were a little sad they couldn't see a whole lot more up close.  Like a current project he was working or to watch him work. But with this many kids & some of them a little crazy, I can understand.  Either way they still left with more  knowledge when they came & they had a good time as well. 

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  1. Hi Tiffany!

    What a fun day! You know, I have a huge stuffed moose head in my basement. When we lived in Blackfoot, it was in my living room, right in front of a huge window. People started calling me the "moose lady" - that's when it got moved!!