Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My in-laws had a pretty bad week last week, so the boys & I decided we wanted to send them a care package to let them know we were thinking about them. After thinking about it for a while I remembered I saw an idea on pinterest (here) & thought it would be perfect.

We decided to send them sunshine in a box.

We filled it with yellow items, you can see above what we added. The yellow flower thing is actually an ice cube tray. Then we made a card with a sun on it & a note that said: "We heard last week didn't go too hot . . . You might just need a little more sunshine, or so we thought."

Then off it went to North Dakota, hopefully it brightened their day. Either way, I thought it was too cute not to share.

Is there anyone you know that could use a little more sunshine?


  1. Hi Tiff!

    What a cute Idea, you are so thoughtful!! I love the flower ice cube trays, wayyyyy cute!! I'll bet your boys had a fun time putting it together!


  2. That's a cute idea! I'm sure they will love it! Thanks for sharing.