Thursday, May 24, 2012

Field Trip

Yesterday we had to run errands in a town away from where we live. So we decided we might as well make the most of it & we stopped at a little museum they had. The boys have been asking to go there since they drove by one time last fall. The whole museum is dedicated to the potato.

The boys got pins & postcards, and when we finished they gave us a box of hash browns to eat.

The boys posing with their pins & postcards.

The baby slept through the whole thing.

The boys looking at this cool collection of Mr. Potato heads.

A slightly better picture of all the potato heads.

(I need to apologize for the poor quality of my pictures, I do own a nice camera , but don't always have it with me. So these are all taken with my phone. But I realized I can blog & take pictures with my phone & even though it is a lower quality it is better than nothing. Someone told me that if there is no picture to remember it, it never happened. I know that isn't all true, but I realized I need to take pictures & record as much as I can. So that is what you have been getting lately. Sorry, but at least it is something.)

Okay off the tangent & back to the museum.

They had all sorts of facts about the potato .& old equipment. Did you know the average person eats 148 lbs of potatoes a year?
And the potato originated from the Andes mountains?

I saw this. & thought it was funny, it is put out by the governor of Idaho. I couldn't tell the year though.

A picture of the enormous potato outside the museum. It was a rather small museum, but fun nonetheless & we came away with a little more knowledge of the great potato.

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  1. Cute pictures - we lived there for 13 years! Not at the museum, in the that city ... :0) It's a fun museum. Cute pictures of the kids!